Exciting Women’s Cricket Action at Hangzhou Asian Games: Indonesian and Malaysian Teams Advance to Quarter-Finals

2023-09-19 15:48:00

Original title: Women’s cricket begins as Indonesian team and Malaysian team advance to quarter-finals

Xinhua News Agency, Hangzhou, September 19 (Reporter Tang Tao) On the 19th, the Hangzhou Asian Games cricket match kicked off at the Zhejiang University of Technology (Pingfeng Campus) Cricket Stadium. Two women’s preliminaries were held on the first day. The Indonesian team won 187:15. After defeating the Mongolian team, the Malaysian team defeated the Hong Kong team of China 104:82. The two winning teams advanced to the quarter-finals together.

It is understood that there are a total of 9 teams participating in the women’s cricket competition at the Hangzhou Asian Games. The top five Asian teams in the International Cricket Council (ICC) T20i rankings: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Thailand advance directly to the quarter-finals. The winning teams of Indonesia and Malaysia also qualified for the quarter-finals, while the losing teams of Mongolia and Hong Kong will compete for the remaining quarter-final spot on the 20th.

Although it was a pity to lose to the Malaysian team, the captain of the Hong Kong team, Chan Ka-ying, is still full of confidence in the team. She said after the game that the team would promptly summarize the problems exposed in the game and take a good rest to stay in good condition for the upcoming “life and death battle”. “The audience at the scene gave us great support and encouragement today, and I hope we can repay them with victory tomorrow,” said Chen Jiaying.

At the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, cricket became an official event. The Asian Games cricket match adopts a 20-round system, that is, each team has 20 rounds of pitching, then the defensive and offensive sides are exchanged, and the winner is determined based on the scores of both sides. The Hangzhou Asian Games cricket competition will produce two gold medals.

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