Exclusive|Chen Yirui bids farewell to 6 years and 6 moves and promotes Shuangbei Youchao’s cheerleader goddess 15 million new home get | Apple News | Apple Daily

25-year-old Rakuten Girls member Chen Yirui Yuri, from Chiayi to Taipei, worked hard to realize her dream of being a star. At the end of December last year, she was finally promoted to the Chao family in Shuangbei District. She paid the down payment and became the first home buyer with a total price of 15 million. Say goodbye to six years of renting a house. Chen Yirui shared with Apple News: “Now that I have my own home, I feel particularly stable. I no longer need to climb stairs and often deal with water leaks and blockages. I am so happy!”

In the past, Yirui Chen changed six residences in six years, which is equivalent to moving every year, and the rent in Taipei is expensive. The houses that can be found within the budget are almost ten-year-old apartments. When encountering old apartments, there will often be old problems such as drainage and pipelines. Although you have to pay a mortgage after you have a new home, the monthly payment is actually only a little higher than the rent of the rented house, so the payment is not so painful, and there is a feeling of saving money.

Chen Yirui has always planned to buy a house so that Bei Piao’s own family can have a good rest. Such a sense of belonging can heal her tired soul in life. “I made a birthday wish until the previous year’s birthday. It was sold at the end of December last year. Fortunately, the surrounding friends were discussing the size of buying a house at that time, and it just happened to force everything to come true in the next year.” The process of finding a house was a big effort, and I decided to buy the new home after looking at the location for two months.

Chen Yirui’s parents also hope that she will buy a house as soon as possible. They think that girls who work in Taipei should have their own nests. They think that the sooner they can buy the house, the better if the economy permits. Chen Yirui also said that if she still has the ability to buy one in the future, she wants to take her parents. When you arrive in the north, you can meet at any time when you are close to each other. It is convenient to take care of, and your parents are less boring.

The new crown pneumonia epidemic broke out this month, and the whole Taiwan has entered the third level of alert. Is there pressure to pay mortgages due to work suspension? Chen Yirui said that the team is currently suspended, and her work as a film actor, such as recording and filming, is also suspended. Fortunately, in the age of the Internet, she can still match the industry, and she can also open a live broadcast to interact with fans. It will not be a state of zero income. (Li Chengyang/Taipei Report)


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