[Exclusive/Famous Mouth Mother’s death in vain]High school buddies caught hairdresser drunk driving hard to save Huang Weihan tears in front of classmates | Apple News | Apple Daily

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The well-known Huang Weihan’s mother died of drunk driving because of the barber Fang Zhaojie. The first person he contacted was Cai Wang, the current deputy director of the sixth police station in Taichung and a high school classmate. Cai expects to tell Apple News: “He (referring to Huang Weihan) never blamed anyone, hatred or emotionally scolded from beginning to end.” He constantly emphasized that he does not want to influence prosecutors’ investigations or judges’ sentencing because of his well-known media status. Facing his best friend in tears, but still remaining calm, Tsai hoped to say, “Calm beyond imagination!”

Cai expected that he received a call from Huang Weihan at about 8 a.m. on the 5th and calmly told him: “My mother was killed by a drunk driving man. I will live broadcast it soon. Please contact my brother for help.” Huang Jiahao Without a clue, he quickly helped to contact and understand the situation; after Huang Weihan hurried back to Taichung, he still kept telling him that he did not want his identity as a media person to influence the prosecutors’ investigations, and he did not want to cause the perpetrators to be punished aggravated or suffered because of his identity. Greater condemnation.

Huang Weihan told Cai expects: “I believe in the investigations of the police and the prosecutors, and I also hope that the public can trust the police, especially at this time when several social cases have made the public suspicious of police enforcement. I still hope that everyone can trust the police.”

Cai expects to reveal that Huang Weihan’s mother’s death by drunk driving has aroused social concern. In the past few days, many family members who have been killed or injured in drunk driving have contacted Huang Weihan. Huang believes that the responsibility of the perpetrator who killed his mother is left to the prosecutors and the law. But for the general victims, Huang hopes that this incident can be used to help the more victims. He also said: “Zero drunk driving is impossible, but the number of incidents and incidents should be reduced as much as possible.

Cai expects to go to the mourning hall to offer incense to Mother Huang on the morning of the 6th, have a meal with Huang Weihan at noon, and go to the funeral home in the afternoon with Zhang Zecheng, the sub-director of the third police station in the area where the incident occurred. He said: “He (Huang Weihan) was indeed sad when he suddenly lost his favorite relative, and he shed tears, but he was still strong and calm.”

He also revealed that Huang’s father passed away due to illness the previous year and did not notify too many people, because his father wanted Huang Weihan to do his job well, perhaps because of the development of his illness, Huang’s family had a bottom line, so Huang Weihan was working while completing his father’s funeral. But this time has become a social event. Huang Weihan is reluctant to appear on the show and does not want to talk about it by himself, so he completely rejects all the shows and devotes himself to his mother’s funeral.

Cai expects that Huang Weihan and he have been good friends from high school to the present. Huang has had his own ideas since the high school era, is very good at exposition, and has always been calm. This unfortunate incident happened to Huang’s mother, Huang Weihan still insists on ” I hope to reduce the number of drunk driving and no more regrets.” Even when the two had a meal at noon on the 6th, he told Huang in person that Fang Zhaojie had only been drunk driving 24 hours before he killed Huang’s mother. He did not have any criticism. He was so calm that he was beyond imagination. , Makes people reluctant to give up.

Cai hopes to accept the telephone interview of “Apple” and finally emphasized that Huang Weihan knows that his words and deeds may affect the views of the public, so he is very restrained in speaking. The reporter asked him, wouldn’t he be worried about Huang? Feel upset for his strength? There was a few silences on the other end of the phone, and finally Cai hoped to say in a thick nasal voice, “I will definitely not give up, is that all about it?” The interview ended. (Reported by Wang Yiche from Local Center / Taichung)


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