Exclusive license for Star Wars will not be renewed; Ubi game probably not before 2023

The announcement of a Star Wars game by Ubisoft in combination with the recently communicated return of the Lucasfilm Games label has already anticipated it, but Jason Schreier of the Bloomberg business service once again emphasizes on Twitter that this is the agreement between Disney and Electronic Arts exclusive development of video games in the universe of Star Wars ends after ten years and will not be renewed.

This also allows conclusions to be drawn about the recently announced Ubisoft project: Here one can expect that the open-world game from Massive Entertainment (“The Division 2”) will not be released before the expiry of the license agreement with EA and therefore not before 2023 becomes.

What Electronic Arts has done with the exclusive use of the lucrative Star Wars license is known to be meager: Since 2013, two titles have been out of line Star Wars: Battlefront, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Star Wars: Squadrons only released four games. As Schreier also writes, at least three projects (code names: Ragtag, Orca, Viking) around Star Wars have been discontinued. The Lootbox fiasco around Battlefront 2 and the associated damage to the brand’s reputation, in addition to the small number of games, may also have contributed to the fact that Disney was no longer interested in extending the exclusive partnership with EA.

Instead, Disney is now apparently pursuing the approach of no longer relying on exclusive agreements, but of licensing Star Wars to various publishers and development studios together with the return of Lucasfilm Games. That means that Electronic Arts is theoretically still on board and nothing should stand in the way of a possible sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, for example.


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