“Exclusive Pre-Order Sales for the New Android Portable Game Console ‘Odin Pro’ by Kyungmoon Entertainment on Wadiz”

2023-05-20 14:06:43

[smartPC사랑=남지율 기자] Kyungmoon Entertainment (CEO: Song Jong-un), a distributor of UMPC game consoles and game peripherals, announced that it will exclusively pre-order sales of the Android portable game console ‘Odin Pro’ through the crowdfunding platform Wadiz.

Odin Pro is the first Android handheld game console to be released in Korea. In addition, smartphones do not have an active cooler inside, so throttling occurs due to heat, but Odin Pro has a built-in cooling system, so it is much free from throttling.

Odin Pro has an aspect ratio of 16:9, which is difficult to find on recent smartphones, providing an excellent sense of immersion that fills the screen when playing Xbox Cloud or PlayStation Remote (PSPlay app purchase required).

In particular, it is characterized by the touch mapping function for Android games that do not support gamepads and the installation of rear buttons, allowing users to input complicated operations without difficulty.

Currently, the funding page is open in advance, and detailed information can be checked in advance by searching for the keyword ‘Odin’ in Wadiz. Funding will run from 5:00 pm on May 25th to June 11th, and Wadiz funding products will be shipped from June 16th. The price of Odin Pro is 628,000 won, and it can be purchased for 598,000 won as an early bird (initial advance reservation) benefit.

After funding, the official release will be held on June 19 through One Store. On the other hand, Kyungmoon Entertainment’s PR manager said, “We are delighted to be able to release the first Android game console in Korea in cooperation with One Store.” It provides an optimized game play environment for gamers, such as mapping software and cooling system.”

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