Exclusive/Reluctant to give up love, Gao Hongan was beaten one after another by Guo Taiming and decided to stand up

Exclusive/Reluctant to give up love, Gao Hongan was beaten one after another by Guo Taiming and decided to stand up

(Reporter Chen Mingwang/Taipei report) The mayoral election of Hsinchu was affected by Lin Zhijian’s essay. Shen Huihong, the mayoral candidate nominated by the DPP, was frustrated. At the same time, disputes such as plagiarism of papers and going abroad with funding for funding and policy associations broke out one after another. Green camps were besieged. It is understood that Hon Hai founder Guo Taiming could not bear the repeated attacks of his sons and soldiers, and he had decided to stand up. Gao Hongan blessing.

National Taiwan University found Lin Zhijian’s thesis plagiarism on August 9 and revoked his master’s degree. Lin Zhijian also announced his withdrawal from the election on the 12th. The DPP Taoyuan Mayor was on the verge of changing generals, which not only affected the Taoyuan election, but also affected the Hsinchu election. Under the storm of plagiarism of Lin Zhijian’s thesis in the mayoral election campaign, the elections of candidates from the Kuomintang, DPP, and People’s Party, Lin Gengren, Shen Huihong, and Gao Hongan, all fluctuated.

According to a poll by “Ling Media” earlier this month, Gao Hong’an and Lin Gengren’s polls rose slightly, while Shen Huihong was standing still. According to the data, Gao Hong’an’s poll support was 33.97%, ahead of Shen Huihong and the Kuomintang Lin Gengren by 5 percentage points. Became the first person in the polls in this three-legged election campaign.

However, the Kuomintang found that Lin Gengren did not benefit from the dissertation. In the face of Gao Hongan’s high volume, the Kuomintang set the tone. Lin Gengren would respond to Gao Hongan’s air battle with land warfare, and comprehensively adopted local visits, participation in activities and published with political opinions. Make every effort to shape the image of an expert in municipal affairs, and simultaneously fully marginalize Shen Huihong; the Kuomintang predicts that Lin Zhijian will become a burden that Shen Huihong cannot get rid of in the mayoral election campaign.

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Although the Kuomintang has set the tone to respond with land warfare and strengthen organizational mobilization and confrontation, people from the green camp believe that even if Lin Zhijian is frustrated by the storm of the paper, an internal survey found that Hsinchu residents are still 60% satisfied with Lin Zhijian. In the management of Hsinchu City, the Kuomintang wants to seal Shen Huihong on the organizational vote. It is probably not a simple matter. The sand table deduction determined that the situation of the three-legged governor of Hsinchu mayoral election has not changed, and Lin Zhijian has been in power for the past 8 years. Fermentation.

However, Gao Hongan, who has benefited from Lin Zhijian’s thesis case, has recently been exposed to the same suspicion of plagiarism. Although Gao Hongan quickly issued a certificate to prove his innocence, it was later revealed that he would go abroad with money from the Capital Policy Council. Although Gao also quickly clarified, However, the green camp continued to attack, so that Gao Chichi could not escape from the controversy.

According to people close to Guo Taiming and Gao Hongan, Guo Taiming’s opinion polls for his love general Gao Hongan Mingming have continued to rise, but recently he has been attacked by plagiarism and other incidents for no reason. He is faced with the current situation that makes no sense and makes him feel very reluctant to plan to help in the near future. Love general; the current preliminary plan is that Guo Taiming intends to appear in Gao Hongan’s campaign conference in person, and publicly declare his attitude of supporting the love general, hoping to help Gao Hongan to bless her and help her stabilize the election.

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Ling media original website:Exclusive/Reluctant to give up love, Gao Hongan was beaten one after another by Guo Taiming and decided to stand up

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