Exclusive: Shocking Video of Man Urinating in Tsingtao Brewery Warehouse Sparks Public Panic and Food Safety Concerns

2023-10-23 09:04:04
A video circulated on Chinese social networks, claiming that a man climbed into the raw material warehouse to urinate on the third factory of Tsingtao Brewery, a well-known Chinese beer manufacturer, causing public food safety panic. Reposted from Twitter@nohharu0518

At the factory of Tsingtao Brewery, a well-known Chinese beer manufacturer with a history of 120 years, a video was recently circulated on the Internet, showing a suspected male worker urinating on the raw material warehouse, causing public panic. It is said that the Chinese public security has begun an investigation. “Tsingtao Beer” is widely popular as an imported beer that can be easily enjoyed in South Korea. When the news of workers urinating spread to South Korea, according to Korean media reports, although the importer stated that it did not import beer produced by the controversial factory, some people said “I won’t drink Tsingtao beer in the future.”

Tsingtao Brewery male worker urinates in raw material warehouse

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According to reports from “Yonhap News Agency” and “Joongang Ilbo”, regarding the urination video, the report pointed out that on the 19th, a video appeared on the Chinese social networking site Weibo at the Tsingtao Beer Factory No. 3 in Pingdu City, Shandong Province. A video of a man wearing work clothes urinating in a malt storage yard where raw materials are stored. The video captured the man climbing over the railing into the area where raw materials are stacked, first looking around and then starting to urinate.

Affected by the spread of videos on the Internet of suspected workers urinating in the raw material warehouse at the Tsingtao Brewery factory, Seo Nedok, a professor at Sungshin Women’s University who is dedicated to South Korean propaganda activities, advocated that “the South Korean government needs to conduct thorough investigations when importing Chinese food.” ”.

Xu Geide stated on Facebook on the 22nd that local Chinese media reported on the video, and the video was once a hot search on Weibo. The Internet was flooded with consumer complaints. “Although the factory said it was investigating the truth, But there is also the possibility of fraud, because it is difficult to distinguish authenticity from fake videos with poor quality.”

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People: No more Tsingtao beer

Nippon TV reported that Tsingtao Beer is popular as an imported beer that can be easily enjoyed in South Korea, ranking second among imported beers in terms of sales. “JoongAng Ilbo” reported that as the controversy continued to expand, an importer of Tsingtao Beer said, “The Tsingtao Beer imported into South Korea is not the third factory that caused the controversy, but the beer produced in the 1st, 2nd and 5th factories. Because Each factory uses its own malt, so the malt that caused the problem in the video cannot be used in other factories.”

However, some South Korean consumers who have watched the peeing video have begun to react, saying, “I was scared, I just drank Tsingtao beer yesterday” and “I will not drink Tsingtao beer in the future.” Some people on the Chinese Internet also said on social networking sites , “I can no longer drink Tsingtao beer in the future.”

Tsingtao Beer opens sharply due to suspected urination video impact

“Chosun Ilbo” reported that Tsingtao Brewery was founded in 1903 and is one of the four largest beer manufacturers in China. Affected by this problem, Tsingtao Brewery explained that it “has notified the Chinese public security organs and the public security organs are also investigating.” All the beer ingredients that the male workers urinated on have been sealed and stored.”

However, according to the Shenzhen Business Daily, suspected of being affected by this incident, Tsingtao Beer opened with a sharp drop today, with its stock price opening at RMB 75.6 (approximately NT$333), down 6.77%.

This is not the first time food hygiene problems have arisen in China

In fact, this is not the first time that food hygiene problems have arisen in China. According to reports from “Yonhap News Agency” and “Central Daily News”, Xu Gede also pointed out that after a video of a male worker in a Chinese kimchi factory taking off his clothes and entering the sink to pickle cabbage was released in 2021, It has caused controversy. At that time, South Korean restaurants suspended the sale of Chinese kimchi and took measures such as strengthening hygiene control when importing Chinese kimchi.

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