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▲Chinese people living in Japan waved the national flag of our country on the streets of Shinjuku. (Photo / Authorized by Transparency Magazine)

Recently, people from all over China took to the streets to mourn the victims of the fire in Urumqi and protest the authorities’ unreasonable anti-epidemic policies, setting off a “blank paper revolution”. This wave of resistance spread to the whole world. At the scene of the protest in Shinjuku, Japan, some Chinese people held the slogan “Freedom, not censorship” and waved the national flag of “Blue Sky, White Sun and Red Ground”.

It has been 3 years since COVID-19 ravaged the world. Countries around the world have canceled or relaxed relevant restrictions against COVID-19, and their borders are gradually opening up. Only China stubbornly insists on the “zero-clearing policy” and uses it to strictly control people’s food and clothing Housing and transportation caused public grievances everywhere.

Unexpectedly, the CCP’s extreme blockade policy caused a fire in a building in Urumqi, and the people failed to escape the building in time, resulting in a tragedy of 10 deaths. Immediately after the exposure of the incident, the anger of the Chinese people was ignited. Protests of various scales occurred in places including Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, and Chengdu, which aroused great concern from the international community.

Chinese people living abroad also held rallies in solidarity with their families behind the wall. Many Chinese people gathered in Shinjuku, Japan, and wrote slogans in Chinese and Japanese to protest the tyranny of the CCP, shouting “Xi Jinping step down”, “Fight communism”, “Give me freedom or give me death”, etc. Holding up the slogan “Freedom, Not Censorship” and waving the national flag of “Blue Sky, White Sun, Red Ground”.

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