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At present, all eight types of places including department stores must wear masks. However, a person who claims to work at Din Tai Fung’s Kaohsiung Hanshen Arena said that Din Tai Fung has stipulated that from this month employees wear masks only in “blue” or “white”. He believes that the color restriction regulations are unreasonable, causing hundreds of non-blue and white medical-grade masks to be worn, and the masks issued by the company are only ordinary paper masks, not medical-grade. In response, the Kaohsiung City Labor Bureau stated that employers could have required employees to be consistent in their clothing and appearance. The color of masks can be categorized as a broad-based appearance, and “color restriction” is not illegal.

Hanshin Arena refers to the color of the masks for service personnel, but the elegant colors will make customers feel more refreshing. Din Tai Fung Public Relations stated that it will explain to the outside world after inquiring about the head office. However, “Apple News Network” has not received Din Tai Fung’s response until the draft is published.

An employee claiming to be Din Tai Fung Hanshen Dome Store complained to Apple, saying that Din Tai Fung forced employees to wear blue or company-provided white masks (paper masks without medical protection). He thought it was unreasonable. There are hundreds of non-blue or white medical masks on hand. Due to the company’s color restrictions, they cannot be worn at work. He also felt that the Hanshin Dome store was crowded with people, and Ding Taifeng only issued paper masks, which was not enough to prevent the epidemic. .

Gao City Health Bureau pointed out that during the current epidemic prevention period, people entering eight categories of places such as medical care, department stores, and public transportation should wear masks. Those who do not listen to persuasion can be fined 3,000 yuan to 15,000 yuan; The mask to wear is not limited in color or material, and non-medical masks can also be worn.

Gao City Labor Bureau pointed out that the “Labor Base Law” stipulates that employers must require employees to wear uniforms and appearances. The color of masks can be classified as generalized appearance. If there is a company that restricts the color of employee masks, it is not illegal.

Is there any restriction on the color of masks worn by employees at Din Taifeng Hanshen Arena? Hanshin Arena said that Hanshin requires all service personnel in the store to wear masks. Although there is no restriction on the color of masks, the light and elegant colors will make customers feel more refreshed. Din Tai Fung Public Relations said that after inquiring the head office, it will explain to the outside world. (Reported by Wu Huifen from the local center / Kaohsiung)

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