[Exclusive]”Kaohsiung Horse wants to enter the world classic and continue to sleep” Runners are booming!City government finally announced the postponement day| Apple News Network| Apple Daily

(Update: Newly added that the Transport and Distribution Bureau decides the re-run date)

The 2021 Kaohsiung Fubon Marathon was originally scheduled to be held on January 30 and 31 this year. More than 20,000 people signed up. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, the organizer and the Gaoshi Government Transportation and Development Bureau originally announced that they would announce the refund method on February 25. And the date of the postponement, but it has not been announced at the time of press (7). Many runners expressed their dissatisfaction by leaving a message on the official Facebook page. Right!”

In the face of doubts from outside runners, the Transport Development Bureau immediately responded to the “Apple News Network” stressing that it will be announced as soon as this week. However, the postponement of the postponement caused the dissatisfaction of the runners to be exposed. The Transport Development Bureau this afternoon At about 3 o’clock, they proactively replied that the Kaohsiung Horse in 2021 will be held on October 30 and 31 this year. It will also be extended in conjunction with Halloween. It will also give away running clothes, 100 pairs of sports running shoes and electric motorcycles.

Yesterday, the Transport Bureau explained that the date of the postponement was not confirmed. The postponement date was affected by the dual factors of Kaohsiung’s relatively high winter temperature and the deteriorating air quality. In addition, it had to be staggered in coordination with important events in other counties. It is indeed still under discussion, but it is estimated that it will be finalized and announced next week. At that time, the runners will also be provided with gifts needed for the competition for the lottery. Please wait for the runners to wait.

The Kaohsiung Fubon Horse race was affected by the epidemic last year (2020). The mayor at the time, Hanguo Yu, decided to suspend the event. He not only refunded the full fee but also sent the race-related materials to the runners. This year’s race was affected by an outbreak of nosocomial infection in the departmental Taoyuan Hospital , Also temporarily decided to postpone the race to the second half of the year, accepting refunds, and also providing non-refundable runners finishing windbreakers, but the most important date of the postponement has not been announced.

As the Transport and Development Bureau announced on the official Facebook page of the event as early as January 29, it will announce the postponement date for the second half of this year before February 25. At the same time, it will start accepting refunds from runners who are unwilling to participate in the competition on February 25, but it is outrageous. Not only failed to announce the postponement date as scheduled, but even the announcement of the postponement was issued as late as 23:00 on February 27, but as long as the players waited for the news, even the postponement announcement could not be finalized.

Many runners saw that the refund mechanism and the delay of the game have not been finalized, the postponement announcement has also been delayed, and even the message on Facebook has not been answered. They complained to the “Apple News” and angrily approved the transportation and distribution bureau. The administrative efficiency is poor and there is no honesty at all.” Some netizens even commented, “(Kaohsiung Horse) The efficiency of collecting money is super high, and the refund will be postponed. Everyone is scolding, and the official reply is still there!”

Some runners listed other counties and cities for comparison. For example, when Tainan Ancient Capital Horse announced the postponement, it also announced the new holding date. Should Kaohsiung be more efficient? Sorry said, “With such efficiency, I want Kaohsiung horses to enter the world classics. Let’s go to sleep!” Some people want the shipping bureau to draw lots and ask the gods!

The Transport Development Bureau responded yesterday that the temperature in Kaohsiung is higher in autumn and winter than in the north, which is not good for the runners to create good results. It is still the season of relative deviation in air quality in Kaohsiung, and it must be compared with other counties and cities such as Taipei City, Wanjinshima, etc. The important events are staggered, and the best plan is still being worked out. It is expected that the plan will be finalized and announced next week.

However, in response this afternoon, the Transport and Development Bureau specially explained the considerations of the postponement, emphasizing that as the organizer of the event, in order to ensure the successful resumption of the event that the outside world and runners are looking forward to, it dare not neglect the international epidemic. In addition, it also shows that the assessment is to avoid conflicts with the time of big games in other counties and cities. At the same time, it considers the southern temperature for running comfort, and also involves the healthy air quality of the runners. At the end of October, the autumn and winter are better than other times. They are all runners. In the past, Gao Fu Ma’s suggestions were taken into consideration, and it was finally decided to resume on October 30 and 31.

However, “Apple” also found that although the Kaohsiung Horse race has been postponed, the official Facebook page photo and the outdoor billboard advertisement of the Zhongzheng Stadium where the Transport and Development Bureau is located still use the original image of the race date. The event information was updated, and even the failure to make announcements as scheduled and the failure to respond to runners’ questions in time, it is no wonder that the rage of runners was soaring. (Reported by Zhou Zhaoping / Kaohsiung)

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