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Hayou River in Wutai Township, Pingtung County has been a hot spot in recent years, but there have been many disputes. In March of this year, some tourists approved of the increase in travel expenses, but the quality of tourism has not improved. I did not expect this month (April) 23 The shuttle bus overturned in Japan, and tourists were battered. The injured people complained to “Apple News” that they waited nearly an hour before being sent to the entrance. Not only did no one apologize or explain, they also warned them not to disclose the information, and even allowed their 6 injured people to take an ambulance down the mountain by themselves. It is really irritating to deal with all the medical problems by myself. The public not only questioned the safety and quality of tourism and the standard procedures for handling accidental stories, but also sadly appealed to the Pingtung County Government, “If you do not have the ability to design a safe tourism environment, you should not open it up. No one can afford to do things that are life-threatening.”

The Hayou River in Wutai Township, Pingtung County has colorful rock walls and natural canyon terrain. It is a limited tourist secret spot during the dry season. It is open from December to April of the following year. Because the Wutai Township Office classified the application for the area as a natural and cultural ecological landscape area, the Hayou River tourism can only be traveled by making an appointment to apply to the local area. However, in March, tourists posted criticism on the Internet, saying that the cost of the tour route was reduced from The price of 1,200 yuan in the early years has risen to the current 1,900 yuan, but the quality of tourism has not improved. Over-acceptance of tourists, failure to pick up vehicles and lunches, and shortened trips, make tourists feel like spending money to buy gas and directly approve “expensive and difficult to play.” , The office has nothing to do with the money.

Ms. Ding, who traveled from Taoyuan to Pingtung, pointed out that she and her classmates totaled 4 people, plus 2 passengers in the group. At around 8 am on April 23, they took the local shuttle bus to enter Hayou Creek. , And returned at 1pm. As a result, about 5 minutes after the car passed the hot spring area, the two cars met. Their car went straight up the mountain wall and overturned. In an instant, everyone fell to the right side of the car, and the person on the far right was squeezed. At the bottom.

Ms. Ding said that at that time, although the people in the third row of seats fell heavily, but no one was unconscious. The driver climbed out first, but because the vehicle rolled over, for them trapped in the bottom of the car, the only window to exit the driver’s seat was At the top, the position is too high, it is very difficult to even climb out, and the car did not turn off, and the car was emitting white smoke at the moment. Everyone was afraid that the car would explode, but the window was high and narrow, which made everyone panic. Frightened, unforgettable so far.

Ms. Ding said that everyone had bruises, bruises, many pains and bruises. One of them bleeds on the top of his head and the blood is flowing to his face. Fortunately, there is a first aid kit in the other car. The spectacle frame was damaged, the eyes were swollen and painful, the buttocks and calves were bruised, the scene was messy, and the situation was urgent. When they were taking photos to record the scene, someone from the team actually told them not to PO online, which made her question her angrily: “Yes. Do you want to cover up the incident? His heart is negotiable!”

Ms. Ding said that nearly an hour has passed since the car overturned and the shuttle car took them to the entrance square, but only one ambulance came. Three of them took the first ambulance and went to the Wutai Health Center. For the treatment, the other 3 people waited for the second ambulance to support them. When the ambulance drove them to the Wutai Health Center, they did not know where the news came from, saying that only one needed to be transferred. Obviously, the organizer did not Informing the rescue unit, they did not go directly down the mountain to the Pingtung Branch of Rongzong for treatment, but stayed at the Wutai Health Center.

Ms. Ding said with dissatisfaction that the organizer did not make it clear and did not send anyone to follow the car. They let the 6 injured people take the ambulance down the mountain by themselves and deal with all the medical problems by themselves, which is really irritating.

Ms. Ding said that they did not eat lunch or dinner, and were exhausted physically and mentally. Except for the village chief and a staff member in the hospital, did anyone from the organizer care about the meal? Where to stay later? What should I do next? No apology, no telling them why, no one explained how this happened.

Miss Ding questioned what to do if one of them fainted or had a broken hand or foot during a rollover? What are the emergency first aid procedures for Hayouxi Tourism? Are there regular inspections of the connecting vehicles? What is the average age? Does the shuttle bus driver have a driver’s license? What is the real procedure for handling this incident? What will be the follow-up processing of the incident? As the organizer, what responsibilities should the Wutai Township Office of the Pingtung County Government bear? How does Hayouxi Tourism ensure that there will be no more injuries to tourists next time? How to improve in the future?

Ms. Ding pointed out that the Pingtung County Government is requested to comprehensively review the safety measures of Hayou River tourism and design a plan with passenger safety as the highest guiding principle. While they are tracing the stream, the narrators at every point will explain everything. They are required to be obedient not to walk away and not to leave the team, but the cause of this incident is the organizer. It is too ironic. Moreover, if something goes wrong, they can only help themselves without assistance. If they are not capable of designing a safe tourist environment, don’t do it. Being open, no one can afford the life-threatening matter.

Huang Guowei, Director of Transportation and Tourism of the Pingtung County Government, said that the county government received the message on the afternoon of the 26th and immediately confirmed the details of the situation with the township office, and urged the township office to visit the injured tourists and do all related administration. Homework, including insurance claims and other matters.

Huang Guowei said that Hayouxi tourism is governed by the county government committee by the township office. He has expressed to the mayor that he must respond cautiously. The tourism of Hayouxi has been legalized and management must be on track. Many details also need to be strengthened. Tourism regulations and related incident handling standard procedures have been formulated. Maybe everyone is not familiar with it. The county government will urge the organizers to become more familiar with all related matters.

Huang Guowei specially reminded the township office that to respond to the needs of the parties concerned, the county government is also duty-bound to do its best to assist in the process, and requires the township office to strengthen personnel training and improve all safety mechanisms and service quality.

Du Zhengji, the mayor of Wutai Township, said that after the incident, staff have been working on it and following certain procedures. He also told the undertakers to deal with the follow-up well so that good friends can get the best help. If there are imperfections and not caring enough, they will make more detailed compensations and improvements.

Ms. Ding said that after the car accident, staff members called her one after another and asked if the insurance company had contact with her, but she didn’t know the whole thing very well. She was puzzled, shouldn’t the matter be clarified first? And she asked for at least a refund of the group fee and some spiritual compensation in good faith, but the staff hesitated about it.

Ms. Ding emphasized that they are not asking for any money, nor are they short of money. “It is a matter of sincerity.” She also hopes that the organizer will make safety plans, such as traffic lanes, like the location of an accident, and it feels like a one-way street. It’s very narrow, why would you let the two cars meet there? The driver does not slow down or stop at the moment, which leads to an accident. (Local Center Luo Qiwen / Pingtung Report)

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