Exercise Caribe Wave 2023 was carried out successfully in the Buroz municipality – Barquisimeto News

The Caribe Wave is carried out every year, with the purpose of carrying out an exercise that allows the population to know what to do before, during and after a Tsunami or Earthquake.

It should be noted that since 2011 this exercise has been carried out in Venezuela with the intention of promoting and validating the efforts of preparation for natural phenomena.

The Director of Civil Protection of the Eulalia Buroz Municipality, Jesús Rudas indicated, “This Caribe Wave 2023 exercise has the purpose of continuing to create a preventive culture in the population in the face of any catastrophe that may occur in the Municipality.”

Rudas, noted that during the practice there was the presence of citizen security organizations that operate in the jurisdiction such as the Bolivarian National Guard, as well as members of the Bolivarian National Militia, as well as members of the Miranda Police and Fire Department. , and officials of the Police and Civil Protection of the Buroz Municipality.

Additionally, Rudas reported that more than 230 people were deployed in this activity, including officials and participants.

This year Venezuela participated in the Caribbean Wave together with 44 countries, where two scenarios adapted to each country were simulated.

Other spaces in Barlovento

These exercises were also carried out in the Páez municipality, specifically in the town of Tacarigua de la Laguna, in this community the practice was based on the eviction of families from their homes, as well as educational institutions in the event of a natural phenomenon. Approximately 365 people were present in this town, including officials and participants.

In the case of the Brión municipality, the practices were carried out in Higuerote, the capital of this coastal municipality, and two scenarios were developed in 2 institutions. The attendees were able to learn what to do in case of eviction and how to deal with an injured situation, in this municipality 60 Officials assisted 85 participants, including teachers and students.

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