Exercise improves mental health |

The realization of physical activity not only improves all the physiological functions of the body, but also reduces stress levels and improves the mental and emotional state of people.

This was stated by personal trainer Elizabeth Mancera, who works at the headquarters of Gold’s Gym located in the San Ignacio Center. Regarding this, he pointed out that exercise also releases the hormones of happiness: endorphin, serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin that the human body needs to be in harmony.

“Practicing a discipline or sport frequently helps us increase self-esteem and self-confidence, mitigate anxiety, improve our behavior, memory, coordination, balance, strength, and improves our social relationships”stated the personal trainers.

Within the framework of World Mental Health Day, which was celebrated this October 10, promoted by the World Federation for Mental Health and with the support of the World Health Organization (WHO), Mancera stressed that physical training is capable to produce a myokine, a hormone secreted by the muscles, called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).

“This protein makes connections grow and improves brain function, and it is also a stimulant for the production of new neurons”, he specified.

He explained that physical activity is necessary to maintain physical-mental balance, especially in difficult times such as those generated by the pandemic. “Exercise improves all the physiological functions of the body, reduces stress levels and recreates the human being by improving their mental state. Likewise, it helps human beings to better integrate with their environment by increasing social interaction ”, he said.

Mental health and increased motivation

He stated that physical activity is a motivational factor for people, because it allows them to achieve their goals in the short and medium term, be it to lose weight, shape the figure or increase muscle mass. “The changes that are experienced create greater motivation and enthusiasm,” he said.

Mancera stressed that in order to enjoy mental health it is recommended that when exercising you have the guidance of a coach who is trained in the correct use of equipment, who teaches the technical fundamentals, and the appropriate dosage of physical activity to achieve the objectives you have.

For more information on this subject, the physical training plans and programs of Gold’s Gym, you can approach the venues located in Caracas (CC Uslar and CC San Ignacio) and Margarita (CC Parque Costa Azul) during the weeks of flexibility of the 7 by 7 scheme, or consult the company’s social networks: @GoldsGymVE on Twitter and Instagram and GoldsGymVenezuela on Facebook.


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