Exercising greatly benefits pregnancy

Physical activity at all stages of our lives is highly beneficial, as it allows us to maintain our functional capacity, our resistance and also our mental health. For women who are pregnant, physical exercise improves cardiovascular and muscular fitness.

Pregnant women and a large majority of the environment are totally unaware of whether or not they should exercise while pregnant, which is why all or most of them believe that a sedentary lifestyle benefits and does not put their health and that of the fetus at risk, reported Ciudad CCS.

Each woman in gestation has physical and pregnancy characteristics themselves, an individual pregnancy is not the same as a multiple pregnancy, therefore the medical evaluation before and during is vital, the training must be planned and individualized in a way that responds to the objectives set. Based on the appreciations of each pregnant woman, cardiovascular and strength work is what is sought so that she achieves her delivery phase in the best conditions.

The gynecologist and obstetrician Marcela Bertossi stated that exercising during pregnancy is not only beneficial for the mother, “because it improves her cardiovascular and muscular condition, corrects her posture and prevents excessive weight gain, but it is also positive for the unborn child, because it helps the oxygenation capacity of the placenta”.

Now, what activities should pregnant women not do because they represent a risk for pregnancy: exercises on their back for a long time, advanced abdominal movements, jumps, rebounds, sudden and sudden movements, excessive stretching, sports with risks of falls and exercises subjected to high temperatures.


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