Exit controls in Braunau: ?? You can’t check completely ??

The announced exit controls are in full swing. “We keep changing locations because there is no complete control,” says Michael Babl, spokesman for the state police department. The first experiences are positive: “The people react very understandingly and are happy to give interviews to the camera teams present,” says Babl.

“Well informed population”

The controls were carried out on federal road 141 in the village of Au by eight police officers from the district and two members of the armed forces. “Nobody gets upset. In the 20 minutes that I was there, everyone had a vaccination certificate or a Covid test with them. The mood is relatively good. The delays due to the controls are minimal, ”says OÖN employee Laci Vorich.

The first controls for “recovered, tested, vaccinated” (3-G proof) were carried out in good cooperation with the population, reports the armed forces. The people are well informed. However, the first rejections occurred because no corresponding evidence could be presented.

“The cooperation with the police and the district administration works extremely well. The behavior of the population is exemplary and the population sees the need for action, “says Brigadier Dieter Muhr, military commander of Upper Austria.

Exit controls already in April

It is not the first time that the people of Braunau are confronted with exit controls. As early as April, all those who wanted to leave the district had to present valid 3G proof for a short time. Exceptions are among others Children under the age of twelve, schoolchildren and people with appointments with authorities and courts that cannot be postponed. The federal high incidence decree came into force because the seven-day incidence is too high, the Upper Austrian intensive care bed occupancy has exceeded the first critical hurdle and the vaccination rate on Friday was just under 50 percent. Exit controls will be maintained as long as the seven-day incidence is greater than 200. This is currently 356.

Braunau’s district captain Gerald Kronberger hopes that the 50 percent hurdle for vaccination will soon be reached: “Otherwise, the controls can take several months.”

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