“Expensive gifts from fishermen? They all returned”… Son Dam-bi and Jung Ryeo-won actively clarify allegations of bribery

Actors Son Dam-bi and Jeong Ryeo-won argued that the claim that they received a gift of billions of dollars from Pohang fake fisherman Kim (43) was groundless. In the photo, actor Son Dam-bi is moving after greeting the Korea Minting Corporation 2020 security technology briefing held last year. / Photo=Newsis

Actors Son Dam-bi and Jung Ryeo-won actively refuted the claim that they received a billion-dollar gift from Mr. Kim, a fake fisherman in Pohang.

Son Dam-bi and Jung Ryeo-won’s agency H& Entertainment said in an official statement on the 28th, “Son Dam-bi came to the filming set saying that Kim was a fan while filming the drama in Pohang in 2019 and gave them drinks and snacks as gifts. Although they launched an offensive, they returned everything they received, including gifts and cash, without omission.”

Regarding Kim’s alleged involvement in the fraud case, he said, “Mr.

In addition, he refuted the report that Jung Ryeo-won received a car from Kim as a gift and that it was not true. The agency said, “Jung Ryeo-won bought a used car through Kim, not a gift.”

In addition, “At a place where several people were present, fisherman Kim first said that he had a connection with the car, and Jeong Ryeo-won, who was looking for a used car to replace a vehicle, asked Kim if he could find a model he was interested in.”

He continued, “Kim said that his younger brother owns a used car company and that he can find the model, so he bought the car second-hand through Mr. It was confirmed that the related details were also attached, saying, “After depositing the price of a used car into Mr. Kim’s bankbook, the vehicle was delivered, and the deposit details clearly exist.”

Earlier, a local newspaper reported that Son Dam-bi and Jeong Ryeo-won received an expensive gift attack from Kim. In particular, he revealed a picture of the two together and a list of gifts, saying that they were caught giving gifts such as cars and luxury goods to Son Dam-bi to win his favor.

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