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Experience domestic violence from strangulation to slamming, Lesti reveals Billar’s original attitude

by archyde

Jakarta, Insertlive

Unpleasant news came from the household couple Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar.

Rizky Billar was reported to have committed domestic violence (KDRT) to Lesti Kejora.

In the details of the police, Rizky Billar’s violent actions were carried out repeatedly.

“It started with Lesti’s victim knowing that her husband, Rizky Billar, was cheating on her behind her back. Rizky Billar was emotional because Lesti asked her parents to just send her home, so she committed domestic violence as reported,” said the Head of Public Relations of the Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Endra Zulpan in his statement. quoted from detik.com.

“The reported strangled the victim’s neck until it fell to the floor and was done repeatedly, the reported pulled the victim’s hand to the bathroom and threw the victim on the floor and over and over again,” he continued.

This incident made the public return to the old story of Lesti and Rizky Billar’s household life.

One of them is regarding Lesti Kejora’s confession regarding temperamental nature.

“The older brother is a loud bang, when he’s upset. At that moment, he immediately gets angry, but only for a moment,” said Lesti, quoted from Baim Paula’s YouTube, October 2, 2021 ago.

“So if you want to say that, you have to be careful. This hurts, people or not, if you say what you mean. That’s it,” he continued.

Lesti’s statement of temperamental attitude has also been acknowledged by Rizky Billar.

Rizky Billar said that he was often short-lived and needed Lesti Kejora’s calm demeanor.

“I’m an explosive person sometimes and it’s easy to panic in response to something. That’s why I sometimes need someone who calms me down. Dedek fulfills what I need,” concluded Billar, quoted from Instagram videos circulating on social media.

Meanwhile, until now there has been no further clarification from Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar.


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