Experience the Passion of Football in Guizhou’s “Village Super League”

2023-06-04 12:24:00

The “Village Super League” team built by villagers in Guizhou’s mountainous villages ignites football passion

Release time: 20:24, June 4, 2023 Source: China News Network

[Explanation]On the afternoon of June 3, the Guizhou “Village Super” Country Football League was held in Rongjiang County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province. This local football match attracted nearly 50,000 spectators to watch.

[Explanation]The “Village Super” rural football league is composed of township governments, village committees, non-governmental organizations, schools and villagers in Rongjiang County. The players are Miao, Dong, Shui, Han and Yao. compatriots of various ethnic groups.

[Commentary]At the scene, the villagers who regard the players as the pride of the village put on their national costumes. They danced, carried local specialties on their shoulders, carried red bayberries, and hugged watermelons. They lined up with the players in the village and entered the stadium confidently.

[Explanation]On the “Village Super” stadium, the identities of referees and players are different. They may be vendors, bosses, drivers, students…Wei Yajun, who was working at a construction site in Hainan Province when he learned that his hometown held a football league I couldn’t restrain my love for football, so I immediately asked for leave and rushed back home, and formed a football team with the villagers to participate in the competition.

[Sound at the same time]Wei Yajun, a player from Chejiang No. 2 Village, Rongjiang County, Guizhou Province

The boss is also a local from Rongjiang, and he also likes football very much, so he let me come here. This feeling is like being on the field like a world star. There is pressure but also passion. The fans are all the old and young, women, and family members in the village. They are all cheering for their children, their friends, and their husbands. Let everyone Boys struggle on the football field.

[Explanation]In the game that night, a group of players with an average age of only 15 attracted the attention of the audience, and they “played” against the “old boy” team in their 30s to 40s. This competition is called “Uncle and Nephew Battle”. On the court, the “old boys” were not weak, and they used the football skills accumulated over time to prove to the audience: Ginger is still old and spicy! The children showed the attitude of young players and took every kick on the field seriously.

[Sound at the same time]Wu Shengyuan, a player from Xiaorui Village, Rongjiang County, Guizhou Province

(The opponents) come from all walks of life, so I am very grateful that they took time out of their busy schedules to play this game with us. This football game is very pure football, nothing is mixed in, that is, after every game, no matter whether you win or lose, you will be very happy and enjoy these games very much.

[Explanation]Breath-holding when shooting, cheering and shouting when scoring a goal, cheering when making a mistake… During the game, the audience always pays attention to every detail on the field, and there are many children aged five or six and seven, Eighty-year-olds. During the halftime session, the audience actively participated in the local ethnic culture performances, took out their mobile phones, recorded videos, and started live broadcasts, so that more outsiders could see the colorful Guizhou ethnic culture.

[Sound at the same time]Shi Qinyan, a Dong resident in Rongjiang County, Guizhou Province

What we are performing live today is the Duoye (dance) of the Dong nationality. I think this opportunity to show our Dong nationality’s Duoye dance to the world, I feel that we are very confident and full of self-confidence. When performing, I feel Really full of energy.

[Sound at the same time]Sports blogger Shi Xuenian

From our village “BA” and now to “Village Super”, the atmosphere of the audience has actually continued to rise. What I can clearly feel is that everyone’s national self-confidence, this kind of atmosphere self-confidence, and their confidence in the culture of their hometown Confidence has improved a lot. I think they have a deeper relationship with their hometown and their team.

[Commentary]For the game that night, football commentator Han Qiaosheng, local football teachers and football fans climbed up the iron ladder and sat on the elevated platform beside the stadium to give wonderful commentary to the audience.

[Explanation]Dressed in local batik costumes, accompanied by the drumming of the villagers, Han Qiaosheng said that the atmosphere of the scene was too down-to-earth.

[Simultaneous sound]Football commentator Han Qiaosheng

The scale and atmosphere of the scene was really unexpected and very hot. Traveling all over the world, reporting on many different competitions including the World Cup and the Olympic Games, it is really quite different from the Rongjiang “Village Super League” league. The competition here is very down-to-earth, and the competition here is closely connected with culture. Villagers singing and dancing, from different ethnic groups, from different villages, also brought native products, including a lot of food, so the scene became a scene. Culture collection. I think that using the “village super” as a stage actually stimulates the economy of the entire county, which is a good move and a wonderful move.

[Explanation]It is understood that Rongjiang football has a history of more than 80 years. From the contact with football in 1940 to the start of football games in 1999, the people of Rongjiang have been enjoying more and more love for football, and their participation is getting higher and higher.

[Simultaneous sound]Football commentator Han Qiaosheng

What I am more concerned about now is the identities of these players. For example, I just introduced that there used to be a butcher shop, and later it was converted into a brick factory. Such football fans, I believe such people are indispensable. In the game, there are also Many are, for example, carpenters, and some are bricklayers. In fact, let me tell you that football is not that deep. Even if it is a professional league, it must be rooted in our grassroots soil, and our soil is just down-to-earth. It comes from different ethnic groups and different villages. This kind of football atmosphere paves the way for our future.

(Reported by Yuan Chao, Wei Guijin, Qiandongnan, Guizhou)

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