Expert advises wearing socks while sleeping – the benefits are significant

03:09 PM

Saturday 01 April 2023

I wrote – Yasmine El Sawy:

Contrary to some popular myths, sleep expert Martin Seely says that wearing socks to sleep at night has amazing health benefits.

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“Wearing socks while sleeping can help warm your feet, which may signal to your body that it’s time to sleep,” Seeley added.

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And the sleep expert continued: “This may help you sleep faster and deeper, when your feet are cold, the blood vessels constrict, which makes it more difficult to fall asleep or continue to sleep continuously.”

Seeley explained that this may not work for people who consider wearing socks at night very uncomfortable, as it will not help them sleep soundly.

A recent study found that people who wore socks while sleeping had 7.5 times fewer awakenings and anxiety during the night than the group who slept without wearing socks.

The same study also revealed that those who wore socks while sleeping slept an average of 32 minutes more than those who did not.

Wearing socks while sleeping also prevents body temperature changes, where a person suddenly experiences hypothermia while sleeping or night sweats.

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