Experts Interpret China’s Position on Ukraine Crisis: China Advocates Ceasefire and Cessation of War to Solve Humanitarian Crisis_Hangzhou Net

Experts Interpret China’s Position on Ukraine Crisis: China Advocates Ceasefire and Cessation of War to Solve Humanitarian Crisis

Hangzhou Net Release time: 2023-02-24 15:56

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs today (24th) released China’s position on the political solution to the Ukrainian crisis. Experts pointed out that the document “China’s Position on the Political Solution to the Ukraine Crisis” once again comprehensively and clearly emphasized China’s position on a political solution to the Ukraine crisis from 12 aspects. A series of specific and feasible plans and suggestions, ranging from protecting civilians, demonstrate China’s image as a responsible major country.

Sun Zhuangzhi, director of the Russian, Eastern European and Central Asian Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences: This document reflects an objective and fair position, and it is also what China has always adhered to. China has been saying that political negotiations are still needed to resolve the conflict. And it is specifically mentioned here that China is willing to play a constructive role and make its own contribution to solving crises and conflicts. In fact, China has done a lot of related work here, including coordinating positions with relevant countries on diplomatic occasions.

In addition, China has clearly expressed its views at the United Nations, including in some other international conferences. So it can be seen that the Chinese side is indeed always on the side of peace, and we are actively promoting peace talks. In the midst of the crisis, we published such a document and a series of diplomatic practices to resolve the crisis, reflecting the peaceful diplomatic policy that China pursues, that is, we always uphold a calm and pragmatic attitude. In addition, we have repeatedly emphasized the need to abandon the Cold War mentality and power politics, and oppose hegemonism and bullying. In addition, we also maintain communication and contact with Russia and Ukraine, because these two countries are also China’s strategic partners and have traditional friendly relations, so we also hope that we can continue to carry out practical cooperation no matter now or in the future. The international community should unite and work together to create conditions for peaceful negotiations.

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