experts say “no” to contact professions in their recommendations

With the epidemic figures starting again in the wrong direction in Belgium as well as the outlook for the next two weeks, experts recommend developing an “escalation scenario” if the situation deteriorates further in the coming days. They suggest a framework: extension of the Christmas holidays and closure of businesses.

If we are not there yet, some immediate adjustments are necessary: ​​no reopening of contact professions, standardization of the curfew across the country, mandatory wearing of a mask in the workplace and more checks on the The respect of the rules.

The government corona commissioner, Pedro Facon, suggests restarting testing twice (a first at the start of quarantine and a second after seven days), since Belgium is under-utilizing its capacity in this area. He also advocates better monitoring, that is to say control and support, of people in quarantine. Even if it means making hotels available to people who cannot isolate themselves at home. A message also relayed by The Last Hour Friday.


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