Experts Use AI to Identify Drugs Against Covid-19

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

A group of scientists reportedly used machine learning to find drug which is already on the market for elderly patients suffering from Covid-19. The move was taken to accelerate the discovery of drugs to cure Covid-19.

The research team is looking for a potential treatment by analyzing the changes in gene expression in lung cells caused by Covid-19. The combination is thought to be able to help medical experts find drugs to test in older people.

Launch TNWThere are three steps taken by olmuwan in looking for Covid-19 drugs for elderly patients.

First, they created a drug candidate list using an autoencoder, a type of neural network that finds data representations in an unsupervised manner.

The autoencoder analyzes two data sets of gene expression patterns to identify possible drugs against the virus.

Next, the researchers narrowed the list by mapping the interactions of proteins involved in the pathways of aging and infection. They then identified areas of overlap between the two maps.

The mapping is said to show a network of gene expression that drugs should target against Covid-19 in older patients.

After knowing the targeted network, the team used statistical algorithms to analyze causality in the network. This allows them to identify the specific genes the drug should target to minimize the impact of the infection.

The system is known to highlight the RIPK1 gene as a promising target for the Covid-19 drug. The researchers then found a list of approved drugs that act on RIPK1.

Some of these have been approved to treat cancer, while others have already been tested on Covid-19 patients.

The researchers note that rigorous in vitro trials and clinical trials are still needed to determine its efficacy. But they also envision extending their framework to other infections.

“While we apply our computing platform in the context of SARS-CoV-2, our algorithms integrate the available data modalities for many diseases, making them broadly applicable,” said Caroline Uhler, Massachusetts Institute of Technology computational biologist.

Eurek Alert preached, Covid-19 on average endangers older patients than younger ones. The common hypothesis that causes the condition is an aging immune system.

In addition, changes in the lungs that become stiffer due to aging show a different pattern of gene expression than in younger people.

Uhler plans to share his team’s findings with pharmaceutical companies. He stressed that before any drugs they identify can be approved for reuse in elderly Covid-19 patients, clinical testing is needed to determine efficacy.

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