Explanations of words celebrated on February 28: Justs, Skaidra, Skaidrīte – Atelpa – Free time

The quiet loner of a bustling bohemian.

The beauty of the clear has a radiant and transcendental nature, like that of flowering fruit trees and eternal snow. Step by step Clear is approaching the expected stability. It is only in the second marriage that Clearly finally stabilizes. Clear diligently maneuvers through the mazes of intrigue. Hope to keep your style. Do not miss any opportunity, do not worry about trivia, although physical fitness does not always correspond to the difficult situation.

Feminine and benign. Helpful, emotional, imaginative. In a strong character, because fate plays with Skaidrīte: tests her endurance, ability to keep romance, a sense of light. Slipper is a person of feelings, so she has a difficult soul life. He knows pain, sacrifices voluntarily and knows that love also grinds. And yet Skaidrīte awaits every dawn with hope and understands that love can both crown her and crucify her. So a fierce bird of doubt flies around her feminine glow.

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