Exploring the Future Trends in Switzerland’s Pharmaceutical Industry: Messenger RNA, Obesity, and Alzheimer’s Treatments

2023-09-24 23:13:41

Switzerland’s leading economic sector, the pharmaceutical industry is an essential investment object. What are the big trends of the moment? What future for messenger RNA, three years after the launch of the first vaccines based on this technology? So many issues scrutinized in our special report.

Two diseases are at the heart of current events in the pharmaceutical sector: obesity and Alzheimer’s disease. They are indeed seeing the arrival of a wave of effective treatments which will finally meet the needs of millions of patients for whom no satisfactory solution has been offered until now. Another point these two therapeutic areas have in common: they are dominated by American laboratories (Lilly for obesity, Biogen for Alzheimer’s) while Swiss laboratories seem absent. Roche had nevertheless positioned itself on Alzheimer’s but its gantenerumab failed at the end of 2022 in the home stretch of its development. Should we conclude that Swiss laboratories are losing ground compared to the United States? Several elements allow us to doubt this.

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