Explosion in Baghdad, Iraq has killed at least 25 people, UNICEF issued a statement | Iraq | UNICEF | Baghdad_Sina Technology_Sina.com

Original title: The bombing in Baghdad, Iraq has killed at least 25 people. UNICEF issued a statement. Source: CCTV News Client

On July 19, local time, UNICEF issued a statement saying that it deeply regretted the explosion in a market in Sadr City, northeast of the Iraqi capital Baghdad. The explosion occurred before an important Islamic holiday and caused many casualties of women and children. UNICEF expressed condolences to the families of the victims and hoped that the injured would recover as soon as possible.

UNICEF stated that children should be protected around the clock, stay away from violence, and grow up in a safe environment. UNICEF calls on all parties in Iraq to work together to promote security and stability in Iraq, so that children do not have to live in fear and enjoy their basic rights.

The statement also mentioned that the explosion has caused at least 25 deaths, but as of now, Iraqi officials have not given a specific number of casualties. (Headquarters reporter Fu Xinri)

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