Explosive cross between Luciana Salazar and Ángel de Brito: “Buy yourself dignity” | Daily Show

Long ago, Luciana Salazar left everyone speechless when he made a harsh release in “Polemic in the Bar” where he broke the silence and referred directly to his love affair with Martin Redrado. At that time, the panelist assured that she was not involved in the separation of the economist and his girlfriend Lulu Sanguinetti.

In that sense, he commented that he put Redrado between a rock and a hard place to make a decision about who would stay since the relationship also “affected” his daughter Matilda, which took him a special affection.

Anyway, time passed and it seems that everything is going well between them since the model traveled to Miami to meet him. “Now Luciana Salazar and Martín Redrado playing hide from the photographers in #BalHarbour #Miami. When will they mature? “, shot this friday Angel de Brito and Twitter.

Unexpectedly, Salazar picked up the glove and went out with the end caps to answer the driver of “Los Angeles de la Mañana”: “First and foremost I never went to Bal Harbor, they are passing you very bad data !!! And the ‘they will mature’ is more! Tell me privately, as you tell me so many things. Put on glasses because the one in the photo is not me “.

However, those first messages were the beginning of a cataract of tweets where the model and the journalist shot each other with heavy ammunition. “Hahahaha, it’s a photo to illustrate Queen Elizabeth. What do you want me to say to you in public? What do you tell me in private? I already put glasses on, I mistook you for the stone fountain. Buy yourself a jar of dignity at the free shop. And bring the girl a gift (for her daughter, Matilda) “he lashed out ironically in a series of racy tweets.

To which she replied: “Like you, having the same attitudes that you deny so much and that you differ from other colleagues. Buy yourself a bucket of credibility and share it with your little angels who love me so much”. Quickly Angel limited: “You’re talking about credibility … hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha”.

“Like you and your super credible program, who unjustly associated me with a murderer. Who knows why? Oh true that the producer is Mariano Chiade, now I understand that all the hatred with which I am treated there has a political background”Matilda’s mother argued. To which the journalist inquired spicy: “Seriously, do you think someone can campaign for you? We laugh at your dictated tweets”.

Confident of her position, she reinforced: “Knowing that the producer is Chihade, I have no doubt. And they also laugh at you when all the goats are left to the driver who makes them better than you”, shot in relation to driving Laurita Fernandez in the “Singing 2020”.

“What’s wrong with you? I notice you are nervous. I see that lately you like to ignore several women, and in your program I don’t even tell you. It shows that you are not used to being answered. You know that we don’t shut up anymore”exclaimed the media convinced in one of her latest tweets. “You are not ‘the women’ do not try to mask yourself there. And you are the one who called me crying and told me intimate questions about the man and his son”, closed sharp Ángel de Brito.


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