Expose Carrick Manchester United starting: Shell Sancho Hidenko follows the Soshuai framework

Original title: Expose Carrick Manchester United starting: Shell Sancho Hidenko follows the Soshuai framework

Manchester United’s game against Villarreal in the Champions League is coming, and they will be on the battlefield for the first time after the real loss of Solskjaer. When the Norwegian was fired for 48 hours, this was the first difficulty faced by the temporary leader Carrick. What kind of lineup will he send?

Manchester United are currently ranked first in Group F of the Champions League and Huang Qian is second, but the two teams evenly scored 7 points, so this is an out-and-out battle of life and death, because the third-ranked Atlanta is only 2 points away from them. The difference between points.

Before the game, when asked what will happen to the team’s lineup on Tuesday night, Carrick said: “Just wait and see.”

“Whether as a coach or a head coach, I actually have a very similar philosophy with Solskjaer. Of course, I have my own personality, but they are indeed similar, because this is how we will work together. s reason.”

“I will not reveal my plan, but it is very clear and complete in my own mind.”

Although the 1-4 loss to Watford resulted in Solskjaer’s dismissal, there were still one or two positive points in this game.

Van der Beek was obviously one of them. He played 45 minutes off the bench and then scored Manchester United’s only goal in the game. In addition, he also provided several gorgeous passes, creating the best chance for Manchester United.

Sancho also contributed to the best game since joining the Premier League. It was this former Dortmund player who passed Cristiano Ronaldo from the wing, which ultimately resulted in Van der Beck’s goal. This goal is clear. , With a clear intention, is a good example.

So Van der Beck and Sancho are likely to be rewarded in the Champions League. In addition, Tellis is considered to replace Luke Shaw, who has been in a markedly poor recent state.

Pogba, Cavani, Varane and Greenwood are all unable to play on the injured list.

Fred, Majiqi and McTominay will compete for Van der Beek’s partner position.

Then, Carrick faces a choice. Is Lingard an answer ahead of Rashford? Which of them will partner or replace Sancho? All this will be answered tonight.Return to Sohu to see more


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