Express Relais: Automatic lockers make their debut

Express Relais: Automatic lockers make their debut

A 100% Moroccan innovation

The automatic locker will make it possible to group all the packages in a single round and deliver to several towns and villages in the evening. Consumers will thus be able to pick up their order the same day or the next day without depending on a delivery window.

Resilience, innovation and sustainability are the main lines that have guided CEOS Technologie in the realization of its new delivery service. The company belonging to the La Voie Express Group is launching an innovative solution in Morocco allowing the delivery of parcels in a reliable, practical and secure manner. This is “Express Relais”, a network of automatic lockers, a first of its kind at the national level. The launch of this service took place with great fanfare on Wednesday, May 11 in Casablanca during a ceremony attended by major personalities from the world of business and logistics. Speaking in this regard, Mohamed Abdeljalil, Minister of Transport and Logistics, welcomed this private initiative which is fully in line with the logistics strategy implemented in Morocco under the High Royal Guidelines. “Today we are living through a very important moment which marks the transformation of a transporter who has become over the years a classic logician and who is now fully involved in the logistics of tomorrow”, indicates Mr. Abdeljalil. For his part, Ryad Mezzour, Minister of Industry and Trade, expressed the commitment of his department to support this 100% Moroccan innovation in its expansion. “I am sure that we will work together on the competitiveness and the relays necessary to go and conquer the world with this technology,” said the minister.

The challenge of the “last mile” raised

The establishment of such a service was accelerated by the pandemic context. Indeed, the Covid has brought about crucial changes in terms of consumption and has caused major economic and social disruptions. Similarly, this service came to meet the challenge of the last kilometer “last mile” which, according to the logicians, is costly and polluting. It absorbs 41% of the cost of the supply chain and is the source of 25% of greenhouse gases. As thought, the automatic locker will make it possible to group all the parcels in a single round and deliver several towns and villages in the evening. Consumers will thus be able to pick up their order the same day or the next day without depending on a delivery window. “The automatic locker is a reconquest of freedom and moreover respectful of the environment. Through this service, we have gone further by seeking a disruptive solution in the last mile segment,” explains Mohammed Tallal, President of CEOS Technology. And to specify that “this market is growing worldwide at breakneck speed. We owe it to ourselves as a Moroccan player to position ourselves in this segment”. Indeed, the worldwide park of automatic lockers should reach a growth of more than 158% over the next 4 years. Given these promising forecasts, CEOS Technology expects in the medium term to direct 65% of its turnover to export by marketing its lockers in MENA and Europe.

Internationally patented lockers

The “Express Relais” automatic lockers have been the subject of a technical patent filed at the international level, including the computer part. They are, in fact, entirely designed and manufactured in Morocco with local hardware and software technology that has been developed over the past 4 years at a research and development center located in Casablanca. The investment budget for this project should amount to 90 million dirhams over the next 5 years. To guarantee an expansion of its network, CEOS Technology relied on its partners for the installation of lockers. These include supermarkets, shopping centers, real estate groups, service stations and train stations. Referring to Fadel Agoumi, CEO of CEOS Technology, Morocco currently has 31 lockers in 5 cities in Morocco. The ambition is to install 147 lockers in 19 cities by the end of the year and to reach 1,100 lockers in 43 cities in 5 years. It should be noted that this service offers several advantages for individuals as well as for merchants and carriers. “Thanks to the automatic locker, it is possible to deposit and collect parcels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and public holidays, which frees traders and individuals from the constraints of waiting for shipment or Delivery. In addition to this, personal data is protected and it is possible to know at any time the delivery status of the package”. As for carriers, this service allows them, among other things, to lower the cost of rounds by delivering several parcels to the same locker as well as to improve their carbon footprint by reducing their journeys. Emissions can thus be reduced by up to 62.5% compared to those generated by conventional deliveries in the last mile segment. Note that the weight of the package should vary between 1 to 20 kg. The price is 30 dirhams for shipment within the same city and 40 dirhams inter-city. Promotional packs are also offered, thus reducing the price of this service. As for the deadlines, they are fixed at 24 hours for deposit in lockers and 48 hours for withdrawal.

The 4 services offered by Express Relais

* Sending/receiving parcels: The parcel is deposited by the sender in a departure locker, then transported by Express Relais and delivered to the recipient either in an arrival locker where he can collect it, or at an address physical, in the same city or in another city. The sending/receiving of parcels includes the reservation of a locker in the locker and the dispatch of the parcel.

* Locker reservation: The parcel is deposited by the sender in a locker and collected by the recipient in the same locker.

* Parcel return: A customer has received a parcel and wishes to return it. The parcel is deposited by the recipient in a deposit of his choice and collected by the initial sender in the arrival deposit or delivered to a physical address. The return of parcels is possible both in the case of sending/receiving parcels and in that of the simple reservation of a locker.

* Payment on delivery: Express Relais offers the possibility to the sender of conditioning the delivery of the parcel to the recipient by the payment of a consideration. In the case of consignment delivery, the recipient receives a payment code that he enters into his banking app or electronic wallet. Once the payment has been validated, he receives his collection code to retrieve his parcel from the locker. In the case of delivery to a physical address, Express Relais collects the consideration directly from the recipient.

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