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Why is extra virgin olive oil so healthy?

Many health benefits are attributed to extra virgin olive oil. The nutritionist Kristin Kirkpatrick of the Cleveland Clinic in the USA explains what makes extra virgin olive oil so healthy and how it should be optimally stored.

Extra virgin olive oil is a typical and important part of the mediterranean diet. This form of nutrition is noisy studies beneficial for heart health, increases life expectancy and relieves depressive symptoms.

Mediterranean diet relieves depression

It is already sufficient if people for a period of only twelve weeks a Mediterranean one nutrition take to beneficial effects on depression to find out, explains the expert.

Also have one investigation shown that consumption of extra virgin olive oil chronic inflammation relieves.

Like Kirkpatrick in a recent press release explained, others suggest study results also pointed out that the oil even the treatment of Krebs can support.

Extra virgin olive oil beneficial for the brain

Die brain health is influenced by a variety of factors, including diet. According to the expert, extra virgin olive oil can have extremely positive effects on brain health.

So have one investigation shown that extra virgin olive oil has a beneficial effect on the brain health affects and one cognitive decline counteracts.

How much olive oil should be consumed?

According to the expert, the positive health effects speak in favor of integrating extra virgin olive oil into your diet. To do this, Kirkpatrick recommends daily one to three tablespoons of olive oil to consume.

This can be done, for example, in the morning for breakfast, in which the healthy oil is simply drizzled onto bread or toast, or you can use it in one Salat. However you ingest the oil, it will have beneficial effects on your health, the expert emphasizes.

What should be considered when buying and storing?

There are a variety of extra virgin olive oils on the market. When choosing the right olive oil, you should first make sure that the oil is in a dark bottle located.

Also, extra virgin olive oil should always be chosen when buying olive oil, says Kirkpatrick. In addition, the oil should always stored well closed as light and air can affect both taste and quality. (as)

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