“Extreme and monstrous”: Schwarzer was led on a rope through the US city – lawsuit for compensation

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Schwarzer was led through US city on a rope – lawsuit for damages

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Suspect Led By Rope

Filed a lawsuit: Donald Neely in a photo from October 2019

Source: AP / Marie D. De Jesus

In August 2019, a black man in the state of Texas was led around the city by police on a rope and in handcuffs. Now he is suing the authorities. The police injured him physically and inflicted emotional damage.

Ein black man who was led on a rope by two white police on horseback through a city in the US state of Texas has sued the city and the police. He is seeking $ 1 million in damages for the humiliation and fear he has suffered, according to the lawsuit in Galveston County District Court, local media reported, citing court documents. The behavior of the police officers was “extreme and monstrous”.

Photos of the August 2019 incident show 44-year-old Donald Neely being led around town on the handcuffed rope. They are reminiscent of images of slaves in chains. On the video recordings of an official’s body cam, one can hear someone saying twice that leading Neely through the streets of the city on a rope looks “bad”.

“Bad judgment”

“Neely felt like he was being flaunted, like slaves used to be,” the complaint said. The plaintiff accused the officers of physically injuring him and causing him emotional harm. Neely, who was homeless at the time and slept on the sidewalk, had been arrested for trespassing. The allegations were later dropped.

At the time, Police Chief Vernon Hale said the process was “a trained technique and good practice in some scenarios.” However, he also believes the officers have shown “poor judgment” and added that the police have since changed their guidelines to prevent the species from happening again. An investigation by the Texas law enforcement agency concluded that the officers had not broken the law.


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