Extreme Krypton 001 staged the world’s first crash before delivery. Netizens: Congratulations to the new car in advance

On April 15th, Jikrypton 001 was officially launched, and three models were launched.They are the WE version with long battery life, single motor WE version with long battery life, and the YOU version with dual motor battery with long battery life. The price range is 281-36 million yuan.At present, the delivery of extremely krypton 001 has not yet officially started, and the official said it will be delivered in early October. And each experience delivery center has already started the vehicle test drive experience.

However, today, a group of pictures uploaded by netizens show thatAn extremely Krypton 001 rushed down the road, and eventually crashed and stopped by the river bed, almost rushing into the river.

Because the extremely krypton 001 has not yet been officially delivered, it is very likely that the car will be a show car or a test drive in the experience center. And if it’s a test drive customer driving,Then the car is very likely to be “his to go home.” Seeing this scene, netizens also sent congratulations on “I like to mention the new car in advance.”

In fact, Jikr 001 can get so much attention before it is delivered, which is related to its own excellent product strength. As Geely Lynk&Co’s “standard-changing” model, Jikr 001 focuses on high-end, sporty and luxurious attributes.

The length, width, and height of the new car are 4970, 1999 and 1560mm, respectively, and the wheelbase is 3005mm. The hatchback is almost the size of a large sedan, and the interior space is extremely spacious.

In addition, the very Krypton 001YOU version will also be equipped with a height-adjustable air suspension system, dynamic chassis control system and other advanced mechanical hardware. This car is also the only model in its class equipped with a fully automatic air suspension, and is also equipped with a CCD electromagnetic damping system for full control and comfort.

For the power and endurance part, the Polar 001 dual-motor YOU version will be equipped with two permanent magnet synchronous motors at the front and rear.The comprehensive maximum power is 400kW, the comprehensive peak torque is 768N·m, and the acceleration from 100 kilometers is as fast as 3.8 seconds.

It can be said that in this price range, extremely krypton 001 can hardly find rival models of the same level. Compared with Tesla Model Y and Weilai EC6, either the luxury comfort is slightly inferior, or the power performance is inferior. This is also the official genius of Krypton. This is the only model that can be bought on the market with such a performance configuration.

Extreme Krypton 001 staged the world's first collision before it was delivered!Netizen: Congratulations to mention the new car in advance


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