F-1 Will Fernando Alonso return to Renault?

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Martin Brundle, a very authoritative voice of the F-1, former British television pilot and commentator, states that the Spaniard will return to the Gallo team in 2021

2021 is the key year for many. Start a new regulation, all start from scratch and many opportunities will arise. And that is what Fernando Alonso wants to take advantage of to try to overcome a challenge that as he passes every minute moves further away: conquer his third title. The Spaniard is now focused on finishing the Dakar, however, last weekend he was at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to fulfill some advertising commitments as McLaren's ambassador and the rumor that Alonso himself “fell” is that he would return to the F-1 from the hand of Renault.

He could return to the team with which he triumphed in 2005 and 2006, but analyzing the situation a new carambola would have to occur for the Spaniard to arrive at the gala team. Everything would depend on what Hamilton did. If the Englishman marched to Ferrari, Mercedes would try to recover Esteban Ocon, who will be a Renault driver in 2020 (he has a contract for two years, but in the F-1 you never know …) with Daniel Ricciardo. Ocon was part of the Mercedes quarry and could still be represented by Toto Wolf, German team leader). And this would be the hole Alonso could take to return to the F-1 once he knows that McLaren has the doors closed. Unless it was Ricciardo who marched to another team. "Alonso, on the grid, confirmed that he wants to return to Formula 1 in 2021, probably with Renault," said Martin Brundle. What Brundle does not say, perfectly aware of everything that happens in this sport, is that this kind of comments thrown on the air, in this case by Alonso, are very frequent in the world of the F-1, a way to generate rumors and increase the tension in possible negotiations that are taking place now.

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