F1 2021: On PS5, Codemasters disables one of the next-gen functions

Game News F1 2021: On PS5, Codemasters disables one of the next-gen functions

Launched on July 16, F1 2021 allows you to participate virtually in the current F1 season. With a scripted mode, multiplayer modes and new liveries, the title however disappointed next-gen a little from a technical point of view.

On PS5, the recent F1 2021 even seems to suffer from stability issues in a number of players. A visibly significant number, since it pushed Codemasters to react, and to deploy a hotfix on the Sony console. Arrived on PC a few days ago, the update 1.04 of F1 2021 was only deployed yesterday on console, and embellished with an additional modification on PS5. Indeed, Codemasters temporarily disabled ray-tracing on this version to counter stability issues.

We are aware of some instability in the game for a limited number of users on PS5 regarding ray-tracing. Therefore, we made the difficult decision to temporarily disable it in order to promote stability. We aim to reactivate it as quickly as possible and will provide an update in due course.

If you play F1 2021 on PC or Xbox One, you are not affected by this temporary deactivation, which therefore only affects the new Sony console. So far, Codemasters has given no clues regarding the time it will take to the teams to permanently correct the problem and reactivate ray-tracing.

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