F1 British Grand Prix: Sainz’s first career title Zhou Guanyu suffered a serious accident

F1 British Grand Prix: Sainz’s first career title Zhou Guanyu suffered a serious accident

2022-07-05 17:36:36
Source: Xinhua News Agency
Editor: Wei Wenjing

The F1 British Grand Prix started the race at Silverstone on the 3rd, and many drivers were involved in serious accidents at the starting stage. After twists and turns, Ferrari driver Sainz won his first championship in his career. Red Bull driver Perez won the runner-up, Mercedes driver Hamilton took the stage at home and won the third runner-up.

At the start stage, a number of cars collided seriously, and then the red flag was displayed, and the race was temporarily interrupted. The car of Chinese driver Zhou Guanyu of the Alfa Romeo team was overturned and slid off the track. In addition to Zhou Guanyu, Williams driver Albon and Mercedes driver Russell also retired due to the accident.

After the accident, Zhou Guanyu and Albon were checked by the Saihui Medical Center and the hospital in good condition. Subsequently, the two also reported safety to fans on social media.

Sainz held on to the lead after the race restarted, but then collided with Red Bull driver Verstappen at Turn 6. On the 10th lap, Sainz slipped off the track by mistake and was overtaken by Verstappen. However, on the 12th lap Verstappen punctured and Sainz regained the lead.

In the end, only 14 cars finished the race. Sainz won the first title of his career, helping Ferrari to reach the top again after 6 races. Perez was runner-up, and Hamilton was third, making it the 13th and 10th consecutive time on the silverstone podium at home.

After this race, Verstappen continued to lead the driver standings with 181 points, Perez ranked second with 147 points, gradually widening the gap with Leclerc, and Sainz overtook Russell and ranked fourth. The next stop, the Austrian Grand Prix, will take place on July 10.

Editor: Wei Wenjing

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