F1: Lando Norris announces murder on SNS to himself and his dating partner “I want to protect her”[F1-Gate .com]

Lando Norris of McLaren F1 revealed that he and his companion, Luisina Oliveira, have been the target of “quite scary” accusations and even death threats on social media.

As one of F1’s most popular young drivers, Lando Norris has a lot of followers on social media, but success has its drawbacks. In today’s digital age, not all followers really think of Norris. Trolls are often waiting for their turn, waiting to hit anything.

Lando Norris has learned to deal with anti-people, but online accusation is no longer a trivial matter when they target loved ones such as personal life and dating partner Luisina Oliveira.

“It can change things very much,” Lando Norris told The Sun, referring to the intimidation he received directly or indirectly and how his dating partner was involved.

“The amount of hatred pages dedicated to my private life, me and my girlfriend, especially the current Luisina, is pretty scary.”

“They’re mostly on Instagram and Twitter. If you come from a life that’s completely different from F1, it’s the biggest contrast and it’s not easy.”

“If you live a normal life and suddenly get a lot of followers, she has to pay more attention to what she says and does.”

“In racing, you’ll experience it a little more slowly and learn to adapt. From F4 to F3 to F2. F1 is a big step, but she’s never seen a race before. Suddenly in the limelight, the amount of comments to her is very difficult as an experience. I want to protect her. “

Lando Norris admits that dealing with trolls and anti-people is an aspect of his work that he really hates.

“Many comments are related to my driving and accusations that different drivers are being treated differently,” Lando Norris explained.

“Everyone thinks it’s always prejudiced just because I’m British and I’m driving on a British team.”

“And so is what I say on the team’s radio. It sounds like I’m always complaining and I really hate it. I’m asking the usual questions but breathing a little faster. So it always sounds like I’m complaining. “

Lando Norris says he can’t bother for people who spend most of their time on accusation behind a computer without exposing individuals.

“In a way, the weirdest thing is that people are actually living their lives on Earth, but they’re sitting behind a computer trying to destroy someone and bully them,” Lando Norris said. ..

“When people are composing fake pages, fake chats, and fake WhatsApp messages, I wonder,’What do you do with your life to do that?’ They are wasting their lives. “

“I can’t forgive. I’m reporting what I’ve seen, but there are so many that I don’t have time to look at all of them.”

“I want to race, travel around the world, meet new people and create experiences. They’re in the bedroom behind the computer.”

“I think it’s funny that they choose to do so in their lives.”

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