F1 race director Masi: “This is what we are going to do now”

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As soon as it became clear that the third free practice would no longer start, the focus shifted to qualifying. We will certainly not get a decision on whether or not that qualification will take place before the scheduled start time of 3:00 PM: “At 3:00 PM we will again evaluate the weather conditions,” explains Michael Masi in conversation with Sky Sports F1.

“If the weather is still the same as now, then we will also postpone qualifying (like free practice, ed.) Initially indefinitely. At the moment it seems that the rain continues, but we keep monitor the situation and must be able to respond to developments. “

Masi explains that for information on conditions, he builds on the expertise of the on-site meteorologists, listens for feedback from safety car and medical car drivers Bernd Maylander and Alan van der Merwe and when the session would begin, he also likes to get feedback from the drivers: “But in the end I am the one who makes the decision.”

One of the most important factors for Masi, however, is not the safety on the track itself, but also the safety for air traffic: “With the clouds now hanging over the Red Bull Ring, the trauma helicopter cannot take off, and without that possibility there will be no single session started. “

If it is not possible to finish the qualification today, it will be postponed to tomorrow. The concept program is ready, Masi says: “In that case, we will aim for a start time of 10:00 for qualifying. If that does not work, we will go back to the result of the starting line-up. the second free practice. The teams were already informed about this on Friday, so they were able to respond to that. “



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