Fabiana Cantilo, on her addiction to cocaine: “I started drinking with Charly”

In an intimate chat with Gaston Pauls, who is driving the program Free Beings (Chronicle), Fabiana Cantilo he was honest about his addiction to cocaine, He spoke of his relapses over the years and his eventual recovery. He also described the harmful impact that consumption had on his life.

As he said, the singer first tried this drug when she worked as a backup singer for Charly Garcia in the live presentations of Clicks Modern (1983), the musician’s third solo album. In those first forays, he did not consume in large quantities and it was difficult for him to understand the fascination he generated in his colleagues. “You were going to rehearse with Charly and they gave you a sandwich, a piece of paper, a soda. I remember that I drank a little bit, I kept what I had left and gave it to my boyfriend, ”she recalled.

However, over the years, Cantilo ended up giving in to the addictive potency of the substance, which he described in the interview as a demon” hidden behind a friendly face. As he remarked, the main attraction of cocaine and, therefore, its biggest problem, is that it “cures anxiety”, which makes its consumption a dangerous path for people with depressive tendencies.

Who are we addicts? We addicts are very sensitive, very intelligent people ”, The singer said and added that, in general, is about people who were victims of abuse. “Everyone, me included”, He declared without giving details.

Among the harmful effects of cocaine use, the former member of Los Twist highlighted the “downturn” that inevitably follows chemical euphoria. He described it as a feeling of regret and guilt that leads the addict to “not want to live, to want to kill[se], but not able ”. “It is the worst fault. Like having killed a person and not knowing where to hide the corpse. It’s being a shitty person and not being able to fix it, “he summarized.

For decades, Cantilo battled his addiction and, he detailed, he had four different relapses that used to occur a year and a half after the last consumption and were due to “emotional issues.” Thanks to the meetings of Addicts Anonymous and various rehabilitation programs, he finally managed to give up cocaine. “How lucky I don’t take more! Because it really was a horror, “he said about it.

Having overcome the torment, his intention is that his testimony will help others who are going through hell. “I never cared to say it and now I realize [de que] I’m here to save lives ”, he closed.

Last Monday, Free beings had as a guest the actress and vedette Andrea Corner, who spoke in depth about his drug problems. A week earlier, on the debut of the addiction-focused interview cycle, Pauls reviewed his own experiences with substances and expressed his desire to help people in similar circumstances through the show.


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