Fabiana Liuzzi’s strong message in defense of Luis Ventura for her son Antoñito – Paparazzi Magazine

Luis Ventura he was involved in a new controversy. In the middle of the war with Dalma and Gianinna Maradona, on his Instagram account they crossed him for his role as father of Antoñito, the son he had with Fabiana Liuzzi.

Che, you are such a good man, so correct. Where is the son you had a few years ago? Of the kid you had with that cat “. To which the driver replied without filter: “My son is with his family, you idiot, and he’s fine, in case you don’t know.”

It is not the first time that Ventura receives criticism for his son and that is why Liuzzi made a forceful post on the networks to defend Ventura: “I am Antonio Luis Ventura Liuzzi. It’s been 6 years since I was born… I have my two parents present and they love me, thank God ”He wrote next to the photo of the little boy.

And he added on Instagram: “IT IS NOT YOUR BIRTH. Just remember that 6 years have passed and people maliciously speak without knowing anything at all”

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