Fabien Galthié wants to emerge stronger from the crisis – XV de France

In an interview with The Team, the coach of the XV of France spoke of the consequences – sporting and economic – of the Covid-19 pandemic. With the desire that this is not just a stop, but also a new start.

Everything was fine. Appointed head coach of the XV of France at the end of a 2019 World Cup he had experienced from the inside, as assistant to Jacques Brunel, Fabien Galthié had taken office smoothly. He even had a fanfare start at the 6 Nations Tournament, notably triumphing over England (24-17) and Wales at home (23-27). Enough to envisage the tomorrows that sing for this Rooster so often forced into silence in recent years. And then the Covid-19 arrived, and stopped everything. Brutally.

“The dynamics have been stopped. It’s certain. But I am convinced that we will restart with the same intensity, the same force, the same convictions. And with additional tools. “

Fabien Galthié

In an interview with L’Equipe, Galthié spoke in detail about this setback. “The dynamics have been stopped. It’s certain. But I am convinced that we will restart with the same intensity, the same force, the same convictions. And with additional tools. Through our research and development work during the confinement, we developed a more precise vision and content for the future. Knowing that in high performance sport, what was done yesterday, and therefore what we did during the Tournament, is no longer relevant. ” Among these famous additional tools mentioned by the coach, is that of the attack. “We realized that we could have even more precise visions on the space that exists in the opposing defensive curtain, but also behind his back,” he says. The objective is to force him to weaken on the first curtain or to make the opposite choice, that is to say, to force him to abandon the bottom of the field. ”

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Fear of dropouts among the Blues

Galthié also specifies that he is looking for “playmakers and readers. When you are not in the first cell, which has 3 to 4 seconds to act, you have a little more time to watch what is going on. far. But we want to give ourselves as many options as possible so as not to be predictable for the opponent. ” It now remains to put all this to music. With the fear, inevitable, of a loss of level in certain players, upset by the pandemic: “Often the episodes of stoppage of the players are accompanied by the supervision of clubs or individual preparers. So I imagine it went well but I have fears. It may be that some have not maintained the requirement (…) There is a danger for them if they ever let go consciously or unconsciously. Because here, we are also working on a form of mental endurance and individual support. You can’t do better as a situation. You have to be structured and solid in your head to maintain a very high level of training and physical demands. But that is what the highest level demands: to be very solid individually. And there, we touch the finger all that we tried to bring them during the Tournament in the framework of play and especially in the framework of life. ”

As for the worrying economic difficulties which the Top 14 residents are about to overcome, Galthié is optimistic. And voluntary. “We often talk about the values ​​specific to our sport, solidarity, altruism, courage, combat,” he says. Let us show the example. Economically, we may have a degraded environment, a less abundant period, with financial efforts to be made by the actors. But ultimately, I think this event will be something positive for French rugby. We have everything to get through this crisis and restart, but in a more virtuous way and by being more efficient. You have to find the most harmonious mode, decide on a course and keep it all together. We have a lot of strengths and strengths in us, we now need to find the right balance. ”

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