Fábrica de Cultura has 68% progress in the work: Pumarejo

After five months of being detained Due to the mandatory preventive isolation derived from Covid-19, the Culture Factory 19 resumed its works

The next headquarters of the District School of Popular Art and Traditions -EDA-, as announced by Mayor Jaime Pumarejeo Heins, it will open its doors before the end of the year.

The Culture Factory It is built precisely in the Barrio Abajo, where there are traditional references such as the Cultural Park, Customs, SENA training centers, the Carnival Museum and the Carnival House, among others.

“This work will mean a fundamental change in the way its creators live and work culture,” said the president. The apprentices and doers “are going to have a custom-created space that invites us to dream of a city that innovates and gives us life through culture.”, He added.

After an inspection of the works, in the company of the Secretary of Culture, Heritage and Tourism, María Teresa Fernández, the mayor confirmed a 67.97% progress of the project.

Currently working, in fact, in the elevations in the auditorium sector, the entrances and interior façade, as well as in pañetes, Pompeian hydraulic tiles, filling of spaces in hardened floor, as they were able to verify.

“This is a space that has been designed for innovation, for creation, for the circulation of all cultural issues and that concept that we know as the orange economy or creative economy,” said María Teresa Fernández.

The building, with bioclimatic conditions, consists of 11,146 square meters of construction, which make up a historical area, dedicated to heritage conservation, and a modern space, dedicated to art, training and dissemination. On 9 floors it will house an auditorium with a vaulted roof, a central plaza, production, theater and dance rooms equipped with the highest technology, as well as a large stage for exhibitions. The total projected investment is 27,792 million pesos.

There the District hopes to train more than 2,000 artists as labor technicians, in 12 programs that will strengthen and enhance the artistic and cultural sector of the city and the region.

The project, whose design was carried out by the Zurich Institute of Technology ETH-Zurich and the University of the Northe, was selected before starting as one of the winners of the International Architecture Awards, awarded by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and the European Center for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies.

“We are very happy because before the end of the year we will have this Culture Factory operating, an incredible setting for Barranquilla, which already fills us with pride ”, said the mayor.

For her part, the Secretary of Culture noted that “here artists will be able to show themselves, create, innovate and take advantage of what It has been created for them with the most advanced technical and technological specifications, which will allow them to generate better products ”.


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