Face-to-face return to Uni with compulsory Covid certificate

The autumn semester begins for some 11,000 Friborg students with instruction given in classrooms for those in possession of the precious sesame.

Building of the University of Friborg.

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Building of the University of Friborg.

TO Fribourg, as in other French-speaking cantons, the start of the academic year in classrooms is reserved for those who can justify a vaccination, a cure or a negative test for Covid-19. A transitional and non-permanent situation ensures the University of Friborg on Monday, which was delighted to start the autumn semester in face-to-face mode, deeming the meetings and debates essential to the quality of university education. At the same time, educational material is provided for all courses, which can also be taken online. According to provisional estimates, nearly 10,900 students will be enrolled for the fall semester 2021, 300 more than a year ago.

Impact of distance education

An online survey was conducted by the Uni-Social office in May among students from the third semester. It emerges from some 1,500 responses that the feeling of being on one’s own, social isolation, loss of motivation and learning difficulties are impacts commonly relayed by students in the context of distance education. . Although 61% of students rated their overall quality of life as satisfactory and as many as 63% of them said they were satisfied with the conditions of distance education, there were also worrying feedbacks.

27% of students report a rather precarious financial situation and 28% have considered interrupting their studies. 70% of students rate their stress level as high to very high. The main stressors mentioned are the workload related to studies (61%), the organization and planning of studies (39%), uncertainties about the professional future (38%) and the feeling of social isolation. (38%).

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