Facebook creates social app for couples only

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“Tuned” gives two users a private space for chatting and exchanging content. […]

“Tuned”: Facebook social app for couples. (C) apple.co/2RmkBA7

The new Facebook app “Tuned” gives couples a private online space in which they can interact with each other in an intimate way, “even if they are far apart,” says the social media giant. Users who are in a relationship can only chat in pairs and exchange different media content.

“Kitschy as in private space”

“With Tuned you can be as cheesy, over the top and silly as in private space,” says Facebook. Users can create photo albums with the app or send photos, text messages or voice recordings to each other. It is also possible to connect the application to Spotify and share music.

Users can also convey their current mood via Tuned. The app is primarily intended to serve couples who are separated from each other due to the coronavirus crisis. Unlike other social networks, communication only takes place between two users, which should increase intimacy.

No Facebook account required

Tuned does not require a Facebook account, just the cell phone numbers of the two partners. The application is currently only available in the United States and Canada. It is available free of charge in the App Store and can only be used via the iPhone or iPad. It is still unclear whether content on Tuned, like the Facebook subsidiary WhatsApp, is encrypted.



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