Facebook employees rebel against Zuckerberg and go on strike

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Several employees of Facebook They rebelled today against the decision of the CEO of the company, Mark Zuckerberg, not to take any action regarding a controversial message from the US president Donald trump, shared on the social network, and carried out a virtual stop.

The protest measure was an attempt to reproduce the activity stoppages that occasionally take place in Silicon Valley companies such as Google, Apple or Facebook itself when employees disagree with any decision or policy of management, and in which these they leave their jobs for a few hours and concentrate abroad.

In the current circumstances due to the covid-19 pandemic, however, practically all of Facebook’s workers are working from home, so the stoppage of activity and the protest had to be completely virtual, which made it extremely difficult quantify your follow-up.

Shared complaints

The act on Monday was the culmination of a series of complaints shared by several Facebook workers on social networks in recent days, in which they criticized the decision of the company – personally defended by Zuckerberg – and compared it with what was done by Twitter, its rival.

The message that caused the controversy was shared by Trump on his Facebook and Twitter accounts last Friday and in him He was referring to acts of violence that have been repeated in several cities in the United States. since the death of African American citizen George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“These THUGS are disgracing the memory of George Floyd, and I won’t let this happen. I just spoke to (Minnesota) Governor Tim Walz and told him the Army is with him. Any difficulties and we’ll take over but when the looting begins, the shooting begins, “wrote the president.

Twitter decided that the message violated their community regulations against content that enhances violence, and partially censored it, making it difficult and in some cases preventing users from being able to read and interact with the tweet (for example, by ‘liking’ it or writing a response).

Not censored

On Facebook, however, the message was not censored or limited in its exposure, and Zuckerberg himself said that although he personally rejects the content of the president’s message, it is protected by freedom of expression on the platform.

“Mark (Zuckerberg) is wrong, and I will do my best to change his mind,” product design director for Facebook news section Ryan Freitas wrote on his Twitter account.

Like Freitas, other workers at the company in Menlo Park (California, USA) made public their disagreement with their boss throughout the weekend, and finally organized the virtual break on Monday.



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