Facebook launches CatchUp app: everything you need to know

Facebook is launching a new app that allows people to connect and communicate with each other in a very personal way. How does it work?

The new app of the New Product Experimentation (NPE) team from Facebook is called CatchUp. As the name suggests, it should help users connect and connect with each other at the cheapest time.

The NPE team said the app is currently in a limited test run in the U.S. for both Android and iOS. This means that the functions and terms of use can change at any time. Find out how the app works and why it is designed here.

Communication only

While messaging through popular apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, as well as video calls through popular apps like FaceTime, Zoom and the new Messenger Rooms are great, Nikki Shah, product manager of the Facebook NPE team, offers the opportunity to talk to others over the phone between people Convenience and personal connection. “

However, sometimes people find it difficult to speak to people on the phone, despite the plethora of calling credit and video calling apps. According to the NPE team’s research, people don’t usually call others because they don’t know when the people they’re talking to are available. They are also concerned that they may call at an inappropriate time.

For this reason, the NPE team created CatchUp. This app is basically just a normal phone app that allows voice calls. The main thing is that users find out whether people are actually available to speak. This means that users don’t have to guess whether the person they want to speak to can speak freely.

CatchUp users can indicate that they are available for phone calls. If they are available, their friends using CatchUp will see the one specified in the app. Users can then call those that are available with a single keystroke.

The app also allows users to create or join group calls with family and friends through the app. This way, users can reach more people at the same time.

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