Facebook launches Rooms to compete with Zoom and its video conferences

Facebook had to react. Faced with the success of videoconferencing solutions such as Zoom and Jitsi, Mark Zuckerberg himself announced the launch of Rooms.
This feature allows anyone to access a video chat room, via Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Portal or even if they do not have an account on these services.

What about the confidentiality of meetings?

To do this, just share the link of the conversation and using it anyone can join it. Lounges created will also be displayed at the top of the news feed so that any of your friends can come and greet you. Mark Zuckerberg, however, does not specify at all if it will be possible to keep a hidden room or if it can be protected by a password.

Since the start of containment, video conferencing services have taken precedence over usual video chat tools, especially those of Facebook. More flexible in use, they allow participants to come and go in the meeting as they see fit. A kind of meeting place that Facebook now wants to recreate here with Rooms.

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