Facebook releases desktop app for Messenger

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Facebook mainly advertises the desktop app for group video chats. (Photo: Facebook)

04.04.2020, 00:28 a.m.
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In the past month, the number of audio and video calls via Messenger in the browser has doubled. Now Messenger is also available as a desktop app.

Nine years after the start of Facebook Messenger as its own app, Facebook publishes the appropriate desktop app. The application is now available for macOS and Windows, as announced by Facebook. Group video calls are now also possible on the big screen.

Messenger usage increased

“People are currently using technologies more than ever to stay in touch with others,” writes Facebook. In the past month, more than twice as many Facebook users would have used Messenger in the browser to make audio and video calls. With Facebook Messenger, video calls with up to 50 people are possible at the same time.

According to Facebook, the app also allows multitasking, so it can be used in parallel with other applications. The app can be shown and hidden at any time. A dark mode is also integrated.

About a year ago, Facebook announced the desktop version of the messenger app at its F8 developer conference. This year’s F8 has canceled Facebook because of the corona crisis.

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