Facebook will also inform Dutch people about climate change | NOW

Facebook’s climate information center is available in the Netherlands from Thursday. This center can be reached via Facebook and provides visitors with information about climate change. In the information point, for example, myths are debunked and messages from experts are shared.

Anyone looking for climate-related terms in Facebook will be referred to from Thursday the Climate Science Information Center to see. It shows, among other things, what the annual temperature in a province has been since 1950, or why it is important that the temperature does not rise more than 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The source is indicated with the messages, so that visitors can find more information about the messages. Facebook collaborates with universities and scientific institutions for the information center.

Facebook is now expanding the information point to more countries and introducing new functions. For example, the social medium wants users to be referred to the information point under timeline messages about climate change. The platform is now testing this in the United Kingdom.

Facebook the climate information center started in September 2020 in the United States, among others. With the center, the platform wants users to have easy access to scientific and current information. In terms of structure, the center resembles the ‘Facts about COVID-19’ center that Facebook started in July.


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