Facebook | Young man causes a sensation in the networks by taking virtual classes from the beach | viral | Colombia | nnda nnrt | VIRAL

Facebook | Due to the pandemic, thousands of students around the world take their classes through different digital platforms. These include videoconferencing, which allow greater interaction between students and teachers.

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This panorama has given rise to various very unique situations. One of the most recent is starring a young woman from Colombia called Katherine.

The girl became famous in Facebook for taking his law classes from a paradisiacal beach in Cancun, in Mexico. The video in which this is seen is placed below.

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As you may have already imagined, images were the target of hundreds of comments. Many had a humorous undertone.

“Sure she wants to specialize in maritime law”, “He wants to defend the fish from the sharks” and “Katherine longs to be like Sandy from ‘SpongeBob’ hahaha”, were some of those pronouncements.


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