Faced with controversy with Rayados, Tomás Boy asks for an even VAR

Abigail parra

Mazatlan, Sin / 25.10.2020 00:26:15

Tomás Boy, Mazatlán coach, spoke about him arbitration work of Jorge Isaac Rojas, which he did not qualify as bad, but he did ask that an egalitarian criterion be made in the review of plays by the WHERE, after controversial criminal that was marked by a lack of Mario Osuna on Aviles Hurtado.

Everyone knows this referee and his peculiarity is to cut the game, is its characteristic, what happens is that sometimes the criteria is not the same in the same game and in other games with the same refereeing. The penalty play was not reviewed and the truth is not very clear, in other games a review is made, not here. I am not going to add myself to the criticism against Mazatlán because I just arrived, it’s not bad arbitration“Boy said in a virtual press conference.

On the other hand, the strategist acknowledged that even the painting does not project the style of play that he wants, because there are few games that he has prepared adding the third tonight.

“The team is a team that works well. We cannot say that in four games something can happen where I can implement things so quickly, it needs work and enable new habits to work better as a team, adding what it has been doing that it has not been simple. “


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