Faced with Indian peasants, Narendra Modi takes out the white flag

The Prime Minister of India has decided to postpone the reform of agricultural markets for eighteen months for fear of seeing Delhi invaded by tractors on National Day, January 26.

As Republic Day approaches – this day of January 26 during which India celebrates its Constitution with a large military parade – the government prefers to play appeasement with the agricultural world.

For two months now, thousands of demonstrators have paralyzed access to Delhi to obtain the withdrawal of the agricultural tariff liberalization reform, introduced in September 2020. The threat that they will invade the center of the capital with an army of tractors, Tuesday next, is as Narendra Modi preferred to make a break”, greet The Indian Express in his editorial of January 22. Thursday, January 21, the nationalist leader proposed to suspend the implementation of the reform for at least eighteen months ”.

An admission of “lack of consultation of the parties”

It is “A significant gesture” compared to the position which prevailed until now and which consisted “To remain deadlocked,


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S’autoproclamant “India’s only national newspaper”, The Indian Express is the great rival of Times of India. He is known for his combative tone and his “Journalism of courage”, as well as for its investigations into


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